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Which type of electric toothbrush should I get?

Posted Apr 19th, 2019

Which type of electric toothbrush should I get?

The type of electric toothbrush you choose is largely down to your personal preference, however there are a few features that many dentists recommend.

Small Brush Head

Models of electric toothbrushes with small heads makes it easier for you to reach the backs of your front teeth, as well as the little nooks and crannies at the very back of your mouth. The smaller brush head allows for greater maneuverability and access to those tight spaces that electric toothbrushes with a bigger brush head are not able to reach as well.

Round, Rotating Head

A round rotating brush head mimics the circular brushing motion recommended by many dentists. Electric toothbrushes with this feature allows you to simply move the toothbrush over your teeth while the rotating head makes the circular motions for you.

Built-In Timer

Several models of electric toothbrushes come with a built-in timer that goes off after two minutes. Two minutes is the length of brushing time recommended by most dentists. Built-in timers are a handy way to tell how long to continue brushing. You will probably find that 2 minutes feels longer than you expect if you’ve just been guessing up until buying your new toothbrush.

Optional Features

Other electric toothbrush models have even more useful features, such as a pressure sensor (which can be helpful for those who brush too hard, or have sensitive gums), or timers that go off every 30 seconds to remind you to begin brushing the next quadrant of your mouth.

If you're thinking of investing in an electric toothbrush, contact your Surrey dentist at Elgin Corners Dental today to book a consultation to discuss your options.


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