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Why should I bother flossing?

Why should I bother flossing?

While brushing twice daily is essential for good oral hygiene, brushing alone may not protect you from periodontal (gum) disease! Here's more from our Surrey dentist on why flossing is important to your oral health.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy you need the combination of a good at-home oral hygiene routine, and regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and checkups. 

Oral Hygiene

Two essential elements of a strong oral hygiene routine are, brushing your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes twice a day, and flossing once a day.

That said, it's not unusual for patients who do a fabulous job brushing their teeth to believe that brushing is sufficient for keeping their teeth and gums in tip top condition. Sometimes, these otherwise diligent people floss infrequently, or even skip flossing altogether.

Flossing is key to keeping teeth and gums healthy!

Approximately 1/3 of your tooth's surface is difficult to reach with a toothbrush alone. Your teeth just aren't thoroughly clean if you skip flossing. 

Hard to reach areas are where flossing comes in. By flossing you remove the plaque and bacteria that your toothbrush just can't reach.


You may have heard that plaque is the leading cause of gum disease, but what exactly is plaque? Well, plaque is an invisible film of bacteria that develops on your teeth over the course of the day. 

Plaque can harden into tartar within as little as 36 hours, and tartar can really only really be removed by a dental professional.

If you floss just once a day, you can help to prevent plaque from hardening into tartar. Less tartar means less scraping the next time you visit your hygienist for a cleaning!

To learn more about the benefits of flossing, contact Elgin Corners Dental to book an appointment with your Surrey dentist.

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